Care is the most important part of TearCare®

We’ve all had our worlds disrupted recently. More than any healthcare segment, ours has been hit hardest by COVID-19. As your practice starts back to more capacity, and as patients begin to return for the care only you can deliver, we at TearCare® want to do as much as possible by partnering with you to reduce any further disruption.

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Our Commitment

Last year, we introduced TearCare® System to the market — it’s a product that personalizes the way you and your colleagues address meibomian gland dysfunction in dry-eye patients. We’re proud to have achieved significant success very quickly in providing you and your patients with a personalized approach to treating MGD.

This achievement happened for several reasons:

  • First and foremost, you trusted TearCare® to provide a device that could help both your patients and your practice
  • We partnered to assure your ambitions for TearCare® were met in your practice and for your patients
  • We committed ourselves to improvement and innovation within the TearCare® Community

This quest to be continually better, while caring for our customers and their patients, is why we are excited to share an update to help you navigate the current realities facing your practice.

SmartLids® Expiration Extension

Shelf life extended to 24 months from the date of manufacture

From day one, we’ve looked at all angles of our product to ensure we are offering the optimal device. And, to that end, more than a year ago, we launched an extensive shelf-life validation study with Westpak, one of the leaders in packaging performance testing. When we first launched TearCare®, we initially validated the functionality of the SmartLids® for a total of six months from manufacture.

With the positive results from this recent validation: We are pleased to announce we have now validated 24-months shelf life from the date of manufacture of existing SmartLids® in market. Let us address how this may affect you and your supply.

How does this affect my SmartLids® inventory?

Your practice may be one of the small number that have expired or expiring product under the current labeling. Thanks to this SmartLids® Expiration Extension, you can use your current product with confidence for 18 months past the original expiration (we’ve included a chart on the next page showing you specific dates for adjusted expirations by lot number).

This letter should be used as adequate justification for safely extending the expiration date of your SmartLids® inventory, and is available for easy PDF download here.

What if I’d prefer SmartLids® with updated expirations?

If you would prefer to exchange your expired SmartLids® or SmartLids® that may be expiring within the next 30 days for replacement SmartLids®, please contact us by emailing and we will promptly respond with an RMA number, return label and process a replacement order the same day. Please be sure to include in your email the quantity of units being returned and lot number of those being returned.

If you have any other questions, we’re confident your TearCare® sales representative can assist you. On behalf of the TearCare® team, let us thank you for your trust and support. We stand committed to delivering quality and partnership within the community and we hope you see this update as one of the many ways in which TearCare® continues to care for you. That way you can return to what you do best — care for your patients.

What is the New Expiration Date?

To determine the new expiration date, see if you have any of the lot numbers shown in the table below (you’ll find the Lot Number and Expiration date on the SmartLids® label). If your SmartLids device has one of the listed lot numbers, then you can simply refer to the new expiration date in the table.

SmartLids® Expiration Dates

TearCare® is indicated for the application of localized heat when the current medical community recommends the application of a warm compress to the eyelids. Such applications would include Meibomian Gland Dysfunction MGD), Dry Eye, or Blepharitis.

TearCare® may not be right for everyone. (Please see Instructions for Use or visit for Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions and Adverse Events.